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Truth-Teller, Educator, and Project Manager Since 1993

Explore tailored mortgage solutions from the #1 Best Mortgage Broker Denver CO, Lakewood. Mortgage companies come and go based on current interest rates. Many lenders are not local and sometimes focus on dollar signs and not the long term relationships. When partnering with one for your next home loan, look for someone who will give you honest answers, low rates, and excellent service.  

My name is Rob Sturms, and I have been serving Colorado home loan needs since 1993. I take pride in being honest, dependable, and highly competent. I work hard to make the process as simple as possible. I also take the time to work with consumers and provide them with a real estate loan best suited to meet their needs and goals.

What You Get When You Work With Rob

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A Broker On Your Side

Regardless of your current financial situation, I help you explore your options – then we create a plan for homeownership. It is never too early to start a conversation and I will find the best solutions for you. Buying a home is generally one of the largest decisions people will make in their lives. I am here to help anyone make their homeownership dreams come true. I use my years of experience and sincere interest in you to find the best options for your specific situation.

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A Personalized Experience

I have been a truth-teller, educator, consultant, and project manager in Colorado since 1993. The loan package I design is unique to you. I put together the pieces to your specific financial puzzle with honesty and integrity to design a loan package that is one-of-a-kind. An automated system will not replace the customized and personalized expertise I will offer you.

Dreaming of Home Ownership?

Many people dream of homeownership. There are many benefits to owning your own home.

Homeownership can help your finances with stable monthly payments and increased equity. It also can bring a sense of pride of ownership and accomplishment.


Unfortunately, those dreams of home ownership can feel fleeting and far away for many people. For those dealing with other types of debt or who barely make ends meet with their paycheck, saving enough for a down payment seems impossible. Others need more knowledge of mortgages and lending options before they feel confident pursuing homeownership.

But what if I told you overcoming these obstacles is easier than you think?

Becoming the best mortgage lender in Lakewood, Denver, Colorado, is precisely why I started my business, Rob’s Mortgage Loans.

Since 1993, I have created and managed loan packages for Colorado’s home loan borrowers. Over the years, I have closed over $617 million of loan volume and over 1,683 loans.

With this experience and the many loan products and investors I can access, I provide the best programs at competitive rates and low closing costs.

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The Process

Take the uncertainty out of the mortgage process with my simple, three-step plan.

STEP 1: Get Your Financial Snapshot

I am committed to helping you buy the home of your dreams. When you contact me, I will help you create a financial snapshot to see your purchase potential. I will run your credit, analyze your debt-to-income ratio, and collect other financial information like your down payment savings.

STEP 2: Create a Personalized Mortgage Plan

Every person’s journey to homeownership is unique. Depending on your financial snapshot, I will offer suggestions to lower your debt-to-income ratio, increase your credit score, maximize your down payment savings, or optimize your loan. I will also look for loans specifically tailored to your situation so you receive the best possible interest rates.

STEP 3: Close With Confidence

Your time with Rob’s Mortgage Loans doesn’t end when I find a home loan for you. I will remain by your side until and after the closing day to answer your questions and provide honest advice throughout your homeownership journey, from pre-approval through getting your keys.

Our Mortgage Loan Options

The mortgage market changes daily, and I have the experience and expertise to adapt to updated policies and procedures. As a prior accountant, I can work through the complexities of self-employed business owners, investors, first-time homebuyers, VA loans, trusts, and divorces.

Having choices and options benefits and adds value to borrowers. I have the ability, experience, and technology to change quickly and efficiently with the mortgage market.

Product Options

Conventional Home Loans

FHA Loans

VA Loans

USDA Rural Loans

Home Equity Loans

Refinancing Mortgages

Reverse Mortgages (HEMC)

Jumbo Loans

Construction Loans

Zero Credit Score Programs

3% Down Programs
Programs for Credit Scores Down to 550
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Options for Lenders and Rates

The Best Variety

Rob’s Mortgage Loans is an independent mortgage broker and loan officer. I have many choices of wholesale lenders to receive pre-approvals and compare rates. Lenders I partner with include mortgage banks, credit unions, retail banks, and direct lenders.

Lowest Possible Rates

Because I receive offers from multiple lenders, I can compare the same loan’s interest rates, origination fees, and other costs. I then break down each option so you can select a mortgage with the lowest possible overall rates and fees.

Why Choose An Independent Mortgage Broker?


Banks and mortgage corporations often have higher rates and fees than independent mortgage brokers because they have to pay executive salaries, choose to pay higher marketing costs, and have higher overheads. As an independent mortgage broker, I strategically set my commission lower. With lower overhead and a choice of wholesale lenders, the savings are passed on to the consumer.


Independent brokers aren’t tied to a single bank or lender. This means they can access more products through a choice of lenders. I also have the ability to select wholesale lenders that want to earn your business with lower rates and lower fees. As an independent broker, I can think outside the box and find unique loan offerings that specifically match each homeowner’s situation.


When you work with an independent mortgage broker, you simplify the borrowing process. Along with impeccable customer service, our loan originator will be free of bank and corporate bureaucracy, meaning they can focus on your loan and wrap things up faster. Everything goes straight to the decision-maker, and you have individualized support every step of the way. This also means I can get you into a home sooner.


Each independent broker oversees their process and the people they work with. Working with an experienced, trustworthy, competent, available, and responsive mortgage broker with strong references ensures a higher success rate and a better overall experience. You won’t get a different person whenever you call or someone reading a script. As an independent broker, I am here for you and invested in building a lasting relationship with you.


“I have used Rob exclusively on numerous purchases and refinances over the past 10 years. He is ethical, incredibly knowledgeable, and patient. One of the things that stands out the most is that he always put my best interests first regardless if it benefitted him. He is a trusted partner in my real estate journey! I highly recommend him!”

—Cale Sprister via LinkedIn

“It was a pleasure working with Robert on refinancing my loan for my house. It was refreshing to encounter such a professional, pleasant person in these times when customer satisfaction has lost its value. Robert always treated me with the utmost respect. He was promptly responding to all my questions and was always willing to go beyond the call of duty.

—Gracie L.

“Rob was great to work with. He was incredibly helpful during a very dynamic situation. I had just gotten out of the military and was looking for a job and a house simultaneously. He knew exactly what to do throughout this time and we got through the VA home loan process unscathed in a very timely manner. Rob’s communication and dedication to helping me and my family was second to none. I highly recommend Rob for all your mortgage needs.”

—Bryan Feola via LinkedIn

“Rob, thank you so much for your assistance during the two years it took me to find my home. You provided valuable insights in addition to the financial services required to purchase a home. I will definitely recommend you to anybody looking for a home loan in Denver.”

—Jon C.

“We had a great refinancing experience with Rob Sturms! Not only was the rate unbeatable, but I’d class him as the best mortgage lender Lakewood, Denver, Colorado! the whole experience from start to finish was easy and seamless – especially in relation to another refinancing experience we had recently. Rob is a seasoned professional who is both extremely knowledgeable and responsive. I do not hesitate to recommend him!”

—Rebecca Kennedy via LinkedIn


Get Started

I know there are many lenders you can work with, and I would be honored and grateful if you would choose to work with me for your real estate lending needs. If you’re ready to start, please fill out the contact form below or call or text me at 303-587-3600. I am available to return phone calls or texts from 6:30 am to 10:00 p.m. most days. I am able to schedule an appointment to meet face to face as well.




What is an independent mortgage broker?

It is a licensed professional who acts as an intermediary between borrowers and mortgage lenders. They work independently, meaning they’re not tied to any particular lender, and their main goal is to find the best mortgage terms that fit their client’s needs and financial situation.

Are you regulated?

Yes, all independent brokers are regulated. I am licensed by the National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) and must comply with federal and Colorado laws related to mortgages and related services. Mortgage loan originators are also overseen by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

What’s the benefit of working with a mortgage broker?

I can simplify the process and find better terms with lower rates and fees due to their broad network and industry knowledge.

Questions About Approvals

How do I qualify for a mortgage?

Mortgage lenders look at several factors when determining your eligibility for a loan. These include your credit score, income and employment stability, debt-to-income ratio (the percentage of your monthly income that goes toward debt payments), and the amount of down payment you have available.

What credit score is needed to buy a house?

A strong credit score will help you get a better home loan rate. However, we can qualify people with a wide range of scores. Don’t let a lower credit score stop you from contacting me! Things like the cost of the home, the amount of your downpayment, and the type of loan we put you into may allow you to purchase a home. In some cases, there are opportunities for you to increase your credit score.

What is a mortgage pre-approval?

A mortgage pre-approval is a statement from a lender saying that you qualify for a certain loan amount based on your income and credit history. Getting pre-approved can make you a more competitive buyer, showing sellers that you’re financially ready to buy a home. Pre-approval is the next step after pre-qualification. A true pre-approval means that your file has gone to the decision maker (a human being underwriter), who has reviewed and approved your financial credit package. A pre-qualification is typically just a computer system approving the information you have input without confirming the accuracy of said input.

How long will it take to get funding for my Colorado home loan?

Typically, on a home loan without complications, we can fund your loan within 15 business days from completing a loan application. The sooner you can get started on the process, the better!

Can you work with bad credit?

Yes, I have experience in working with clients who have less-than-perfect credit. I help you understand your options and find wholesale lenders willing to work with you. However, remember that bad credit often means higher interest rates and stricter loan terms.

Can using a mortgage broker like Rob’s Mortgage Loans increase my chances of loan approval?

In many cases, yes. I package your loan application to highlight your borrower strengths and address potential concerns. Thanks to my years of experience, I also understand different lenders’ criteria and can match you with a lender more likely to approve your application.

Questions About Rates

What is the difference between fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages?

A fixed-rate mortgage has an interest rate that stays the same for the life of the loan, which means your monthly payment remains consistent. An adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) has an interest rate that can change over time, typically after an initial fixed period. This means your monthly payment could go up or down.

Can a mortgage broker guarantee the lowest interest rate?

No mortgage broker can guarantee the lowest interest rate. However, because I work with various lenders, I often find very competitive rates. The actual rate you receive will depend on multiple factors, including your credit score, income, down payment, and current market conditions. Having a choice of many wholesale lenders increases the competition. The wholesale lenders want to do loans and want to earn your business.

Areas we service:

Denver – Aurora – Lakewood – Englewood – Arvada – Littleton – Westminster – Thornton – Centennial – Highlands Ranch – Broomfield – Parker – Castle Rock

Golden – Greenwood Village – Commerce City –  Boulder – Brighton – Wheat Ridge – Louisville – Lafayette